What You Need to Know About London Escorts

Have you ever considered hiring an escort? Regardless of your reasons, you can get a professional London escort and proceed to have a fun time. In England, there are numerous agencies offering escort services. Look up Knightsbridge, Bayswater, and Chelsea agencies, among others, to book a companion.

How I Decided to Be an Escort

I met him at a club. Seven years ago. I had just moved to London after finalizing my course. We fell in love and got married two years later. Our marriage was tumultuous. He kicked me out close to our third anniversary.

To say I was heartbroken is an understatement. It was like my world was crumbling down. The man I thought was going to be my knight in shining armor took flight with another lady. Being the breadwinner, I was with nothing after his departure.

Bills started to pile up, and I figured it was about time I found me a job. After searching effortlessly for a stable job, I felt like giving up. I met Melissa, a previous acquaintance, at a party. I explained my woes to her, and we agreed to meet later to discuss a job proposition.

As agreed, we met at her place. I was fascinated by her lifestyle. She was indeed living the good life. After chitchat, we got straight to business. She told me she is an escort under the Kensington Babes agency and asked if I would be interested. At this point, I had resolved to put money first, and Melissa’s life only fueled my ambition.

She was willing to help me find work at her agency. Weeks later, she taught me the rules of the game, and in no time, I had made a name for myself.

My First Client

I met my first client online. After going through my profile, he requested for me. I was a bit scared since he asked for an outcall appointment. I put on a lovely dress and packed my lingerie. Being a perfectionist, I needed to create a great first impression since going back was not an option.

He was a business mogul, new in town, and wanted a plus one for a corporate event and a private moment later. Sitting there listening to intellects exchanging business ideas, I could not help, but wonder was in store for me later in the night. It was an event like no other I had ever attended.

Few drinks later, the party was over. Like a gentleman, he opened for me the door to his Maserati. At this point, I was tipsy and feeling fantastic with myself. However, I decided to exercise some restraint and let him control the experience.

Thirty minutes later, he invited me to his penthouse. It was quite a marvel. “Will you have some wine?” he asked while removing his tux. I gladly accepted, and minutes later, we were chatting and laughing as though we were familiars.

He was excited to learn that he was my first client. We had a good time that night. I had taken from Melissa as much knowledge as I could, and though it was my first time, my performance was incomparable to a beginner’s.

I have since had many appointments thanks to my brunette nature. Currently, I lead a comfortable life. I even bought my first car and moved into a larger, cozier apartment. Morals aside, this job is as good as any in terms of paying bills.


Like any other commitment, this job has its perks. Advantages of being an escort include;

• Money- Being an escort earns you money. Nevertheless, it would help to have some savings for future investments.

• Flexibility- As an escort, you get a flexible schedule that is unattainable in any other occupation. For instance, when you are a luxury escort.

• Connections- In my line of work, I have met many affluential persons. You can use this to your advantage and enhance your goals.

• Fun- Being an escort, you will often travel and meet different people and places.

Challenges of Being an Escort

Unlike what most people think, being an escort is not an easy task. Some of the challenges you will encounter include;

• Stigmatization- As an escort, you will face all forms of prejudice in your line of work. It would be best if you disregarded them.

• Health- This is a risky business. As such, you should remember to take care of yourself against infections.

• Security- Being that this job sometimes involves outcall visits, escorts are prone to insecurities, including stabbings and rape.

• Night Work- Although you may work during the day, sometimes, most escort duties occur at night.

Why Escorts Gaining Prominence

Recently, most people are opting for escort services. Below are some of the reasons why;

• One Woman is Inadequate- This is true for married men. Some men are not satisfied with one woman, even when in love. In this respect, escorts are there for you.

• Company- As with men who travel a lot. Your sexual desires may come strong when you are away from your spouse.

• Time Factor- While you may be all over each other during the first years of marriage, this passion is bound to die out with time.

• Sexual Satisfaction- Do you have sexual kinks that your partner is shy of performing? An escort is a sure way to realize your wildest sexual fantasies.

If you are looking for a fantastic time, an escort can come in handy in ways you cannot fathom. Contact the appropriate London escort agencies for a quality experience.

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What You Need to Know About London Escorts

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