10 rescued from the ice near Braddock Bay


GREECE, NY – A large emergency rescue response was needed in Braddock Bay in Greece on Tuesday after several people fell into the ice, and several more remained stranded. The Lake Shore Fire District says 10 people were rescued from the ice.

Firefighters say they have started receiving calls for several people falling through the ice on the bay.

According to the fire chief, three people fell and the service was able to get everyone back to the ground in about an hour.

Shawn Gardner has been ice fishing for a long time. When he and a few others made it to Braddock Bay on Tuesday, he said the day started off like any other.

“We were fishing. We started this morning looking forward to a beautiful day. out this morning the ice was solid, ”Gardner said. “It has been… until today. “

He says there were about ten people a few hundred yards in the bay, when just before 3 p.m. the first person fell into them.

“It’s definitely not a warm, fuzzy feeling,” Gardner said. “It doesn’t make you feel good, because you have to consider this happening to you and you worry for their safety.”

Fortunately, the water was less than four feet deep, but he says everyone quickly decided to try to get back ashore. But the ice quickly deteriorated and he ended up falling with another man.

“We didn’t expect it, but that’s what everyone is talking about when we talk about end-of-season ice,” said Gardner.

So instead of risking everyone’s safety and the safety of their equipment, they decided to call for help and wait for help.

Due to the large number of people on the ice, the emergency was declared a ‘special county operation’ and the Lakeshore Fire Department received assistance from the Hilton Fire Department and the team. county emergency response.

“It’s tiring for the rescuers,” said Lakeshore Fire Chief Shaun Freeman. “As you can see, it’s a long way, a few hundred yards. And we also had challenges of seeing our rescuers fail as they also tried to make their way to the victims. ”

Everyone was successfully rescued, and Freeman says only one person had to be taken to hospital out of caution.

“It could have been a lot worse,” Freeman said. “I think it was a great result. We worked very well with our neighboring departments for the common good.

Gardner says he’s grateful for all the help they’ve received.

“They were very nice, very considerate, very professional and very well trained,” Gardner said. “I can’t thank them enough.”

Although he says the event as a whole will cause them to rethink ice fishing late in the season next year.

“Just a little embarrassing. Being an elder is not supposed to happen to us, ”Freeman said. “But there is a good lesson for everyone: It can, it can happen to you.”

Freeman says that at the end of winter the sun can create dangerous conditions and recommends no less than four inches of ice to be on top.


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