A Lake View firefighter will receive a vital kidney from a neighbor next week


The two are heading to UPMC in Pittsburgh on April 6 so that 50-year-old Tim Pike can resume a normal life.

LAKEVIEW, NY – We’re always told to appreciate the little things.

In the case of 50-year-old Tim Pike, it’s something many of us don’t even think about.

“What I miss the most is drinking more than 30 fluid ounces a day,” Pike said.

It’s limited to about a scoop of ice cream or a glass of water. It’s one of the many ways Pike’s life has changed since he contracted pneumonia nearly three years ago and the side effects put him in kidney failure.

“I have dialysis three to four times a week. Everything I’ve done in life before, I don’t do,” Pike said.

This includes his work as a volunteer firefighter with the Lake View Fire Department. He has worked in the department since 1988.

After four donors fail, everything will change on April 6, all because of 30-year-old Melanie Motz.

Just before the holidays, Pike and his wife Kim Catalano-Pike held a small fundraiser for help with medical bills. Motz’s mother, Lisa, was there and told her daughter about it.

Motz was going to donate a kidney to her friend Caitlin McGuiness, who sadly passed away at the end of 2020 from an aggressive battle with diabetes. As an “O negative” donor, Motz can donate to anyone and will now donate her organ to Pike in memory of McGuiness next Tuesday at UPMC in Pittsburgh.

“I really, really think she would smile at me,” Motz said.

A neighbor Pike first met in January is about to change his life and that of his family forever.

“I think we’re 10 minutes apart and we know hundreds of identical people, but not each other,” Pike said.

“We will never be able to repay the debt we have for her,” Catalano-Pike said.

For Motz, it’s about being able to help someone who has so much to lose.

“He has two kids, a wife and a big family. When someone is lucky enough to have that in their life, they should be able to make the most of it,” Motz said.

That’s exactly what Pike plans to do with his new kidney.

“I’m going to drink a gallon of water as soon as they let me,” he said.

He will also appreciate those little things that most take for granted because of the selfless act of a good neighbor.

If you would like to help Pike’s family with medical costs, you can donate through their GoFundMe here.


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