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ISLAMABAD: Only families are allowed to enter Lake View Park until Sunday, given the capacity of the park.

A notification issued by the District Magistrate’s Office said that during the Eid holiday, large numbers of people were expected to visit Lake View Park, filling the park beyond its capacity. With the safety and convenience of the general public in mind, it has been decided to only allow families to visit Lake View Park until Sunday, May 8.

Police officials said large numbers of boys and men in groups came to the park, but not all were allowed to enter. Some groups turned violent in the late evening and got into fights with the police outside the main gate. Besides, they also spilled over to Murre Road and created a scene, they added.

During the scuffle with the police, dozens of boys/men were arrested and herded into police vehicles and transported to the Secretariat police station, the officials said, adding that only 13 were arrested for further prosecution. judicial proceedings and that a case was being filed against them while the others were released.

Dozens of people arrested for trying to enter the park

Administration and police officials said the move was taken in consideration of political intolerance in society, which has already caused some scuffles in the capital. It is suspected that groups of boys/men who come to the park may engage in violence because of their political affiliations, they added.

Families and groups of girls also visited the park and the measure was taken to avert the Minar-i-Pakistan incident of last year as well, the officials added.

During peak hours and holidays, the number of visitors to the park reaches 10,000-15,000 at a time, especially in the late afternoon until evening. People from Islamabad and Rawalpindi, as well as people from neighboring districts, come to the park during holidays, they added.

A large number of people coming or going to Murree from other parts of the country also visit Lake View Park, they said, adding that during the Eid holiday, hundreds of thousands of people visited the park. .

Also, the presence of around 10,000 to 15,000 people inside the park, about the same number of people waiting outside the gate or in their cars in long queues on the two lanes of Murree Road, officials said, adding that during peak hours about 8,000 vehicles were parked inside and outside the park.

In addition, due to the rush, more than 10,000 vehicles are found stranded on the two lanes of Murree Road from Bhara Kahu Bazaar to Kashmir Chowk and Khayaban-i-Suhrwardy.

Due to the lack of proper traffic management and the presence of required traffic officers, vehicles remain stuck for hours, they said, adding that due to lack of discipline, some vehicles also entered collided and drivers jostled each other, further increasing traffic congestion.

Previously, the police had deployed reserves and traffic personnel at every turn of Muree Road and major points to regulate traffic. Police reserves have also been deployed to Lake View Park, including parking lots, to ensure a better environment for visiting families.

A large number of families visited the park and enjoyed it, officials said. Moreover, people also visited other tourist attractions in the capital like Chathar Park, Shahdara, Chinese Park, Murghazar Park, Daman-i-Koh and F-9 Park.

Posted in Dawn, May 6, 2022


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