Alpine Lake Resort celebrates 50 years


July 2—Alpine Lake Resort, a four-season resort in Preston County, celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

Located in the mountains of West Virginia, owners and guests of Alpine Lake can enjoy the natural beauty and serenity of the area.

The resort comprises approximately 2,000 acres of forested land and 35 miles of paved roads, providing easy access to nearly 2,300 lots and amenities. Among these facilities are a 35-room hotel, a 150-acre lake, an 18-hole golf course, miniature golf, tennis and basketball courts, bocce courts, private homes, a beach of sand and a spacious boathouse.

The golf course emerged from the cool, wet months in great shape and received excellent reviews from members and visitors. The course offers a combination of challenge, beauty, affordability and accessibility.

“As secondary owners here, my wife and I look forward to our stay at Alpine Lake Resort,” said Leon Prazenica, Owner and Board Member of the Alpine Lake Property Association. “Over the years, we have not only been able to use all of the resort’s great amenities, but also create wonderful memories with family, friends and guests.”

Alpine Lake Resort celebrates 50 years with events and special offers throughout the year.

Today the resort will host a cornhole tournament for owners, guests and renters. To celebrate Independence Day, there will be a parade, rock hunt for children 12 and under, and several other events.

On August 21, Alpine Lake will have its annual music festival. This year’s lineup is expected to include Ronnie Burroughs, Paul Burger, The Hillbilly Gypsies, Travis Minnick and Train Wreck. This event is open to the public.

There will be special offers for the station throughout the year for its anniversary. Some of these include the resort’s new monthly “Family Fun Fridays,” which will feature cornhole tournaments, fishing tips, guided nature walks, and 50% off ice cream at the new boathouse. The hotel in the complex also offers its guests a special offer with its Stay and Play offers.

Alpine Lake also hosts a weekly fishing tournament, with prizes awarded to the person who catches the longest fish.

The resort will also sell merchandise bearing the 50th anniversary logo. For more information on events, see the events calendar on the Alpine Lake Resort website.

“The 50th anniversary is exciting for all of us employed here at Alpine Lake Resort. It’s not often an institution can reach half a century,” said Events Manager Kellie Hardesty. “I think it’s a testament to our team over the years, the beautiful setting in the mountains, the great amenities and the ability to relax and enjoy some time off.”

The resort has a rich and significant history in the hills of West Virginia.

From the early 1930s, the property itself was a hunting and fishing club. In the late 1960s, the resort was known as Mountaintop Vacationland, a development spearheaded by business leaders from Terra Alta and Preston County.

Mountaintop Vacationland was purchased in 1971 by Morgantown industrialist JW Ruby, who later renamed it Alpine Lake Resort. Under his leadership, the station would have a plan for a residential community. After Ruby’s death, Alpine Lake was returned to the owners; Alpine Lake Property Owners Association now manages all aspects of the community.

“To this day, Alpine Lake Resort is a go-to destination for anyone looking for a beautiful, relaxing, up-close location with beautiful West Virginia mountain air, great amenities, and great people to meet and maybe have. as neighbors,” said Mike Tumbarello, marketing manager at Alpine Lake Resort.

“The station really seems to get better with age,” Hardesty said. “As the person responsible for coordinating all weddings and other events at the resort, I can say that the location, service and amenities people experience here are solid and priced so most can enjoy them. .”

Alpine Lake Resort is at 700 West Alpine Dr., Terra Alta. The resort is within a few hours drive or less of Morgantown, Pittsburgh, Washington DC, Baltimore and Northern Virginia. For more information on what Alpine Lake Resort has to offer, as well as changed rules and special safety measures in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, visit the resort’s website at www., or email it directly to [email protected] com.

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