Alpine Lake Resort Hosts Annual Oktoberfest Celebration


TERRA ALTA, W.Va. – Alpine Lake Resort held its annual Oktoberfest on Saturday to celebrate the tradition that began in Germany in 1810.

Event organizers said the resort is celebrating its 50th anniversary and that the resort itself is modeled on the European landscape. There were many activities for the participants, such as a beer mug holding contest, horse-drawn carriage rides, crafts and face painting.

“It’s a tight-knit community, we have a little over 500 houses and we are a community, a caring community. So it’s not like a big city, we know a lot of people, they know us. So if someone gets sick, we take care of it, ”said Birgit Stock, Alpine Lake community member and Oktoberfest organizer.

Many attendees said the Oktoberfest event is all about camaraderie and celebrating community through food and drink.

“Doing this is my pleasure, okay. Some people identify with this time of year, this type of joy, this type of music, ”said Gary Wotherspoon, musician at Alpine Resorts Oktoberfest.

Wotherspoon added that Oktoberfest is a celebration of the season that brings people together. He said that in years past, Oktoberfest was celebrated by farmers who celebrated the harvest of the crops. He also said there will be other Oktoberfest events across the region.


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