Bike the Drive 2021: Car weaves through cyclists on DuSable Lake Shore Drive, video shows

CHICAGO (WLS) — Chilling video shows a car driving erratically around cyclists during Sunday’s “Bike the Drive” event.

The annual event took place Sunday morning on DuSable Lake Shore Drive, with most lanes of the road closed to vehicular traffic to allow thousands of people to cycle on the roadway.

Jeff Ulrich had a 360 degree camera mounted on his bike and was recording near McCormick Place when the incident happened.

“I was just completely shocked that there was a car, and not only was there a car but it was driving quite fast, it was probably going at least 40 miles an hour or more,” said he declared. “And then I noticed in front of me that she was getting up just behind the cyclists and weaving in like a slalom race or something.

Ulrich said there were roadblocks set up to direct drivers off the route, with one driver crossing them somewhere along the way.

DuSable Lake Shore Drive had been closed for at least an hour and a half for the event which drew 16,000 runners.

“I was worried that someone would get hurt and I was hoping that the others would hear her and somehow walk away and she would get off the course as quickly as possible,” Ulrich said.

At one point, Ulrich said a volunteer moved a barricade to let her off the course.

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“I mean, if I was on the road by mistake, I think I would have pulled off to the side or been like, ‘Oh, I’m in a place where I’m not supposed to be, I’d do better slow down, ‘but she seemed to be just plowing,’ he said. ‘It was almost like she was surprised that there were cyclists and we were in her way.’

Ulrich doesn’t believe the driver ever received a ticket. He just hopes that in the future the road can be better protected.

“Probably just more awareness, maybe more police presence or something to make sure people don’t go around the barricades,” he said.

Police said they found no reports generated for the incident. Ulrich said he was happy to let the police look at his footage.

Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

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