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“From the research I did, the first recorded by the French were the folks from the Illinois Confederacy and Miami,” Bocock said.

He said French explorer Robert de La Salle was the first known European to visit northwest Indiana around 1680 as he crossed the continent in search of passage to the Far East.

Bocock said settlers began to claim land around Cedar Lake in the 1830s.

“Their last names were Wilkinson, Wilson and Fancher,” Bocock said. “One of the first significant families in Cedar Lake was the Ball family – Hervey, Jane and their son, Timothy Ball.”

Timothy Ball would write a history of the county, mentioning Cedar Lake and the nearby West Creek woods as hunting grounds Indians were reluctant to leave. “Having seen Cedar Lake myself in 1837, when its waters and the great marsh to the south were literally teeming with fish,” Ball wrote.

Sigler House, circa 1906. Was built circa 1890 on the west shore of Cedar Lake.

Bill Dolan

Settlements sprang up around the lake, such as West Point, a community drawn on paper near 133rd and Morse Streets by Judge Benjamin McCarty to win the prize of being named the county seat of government.

Solon Robinson’s Crown Point won that competition and West Point vanished, but eventually the Coleman Hotel was built there to house not politicians but tourists who flocked after the completion of the railway from Monon.


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