CENTURY FARMS: Chappuis Century Farm charms with lake view | New


The sparkling waters of French Lake are just 1,000 feet from the farm where 57-year-old Lorne Chappuis grew up.

An aerial view of the Chappuis family’s Century Farm in modern times shows its proximity to French Lake and reveals the panoramic view its residents have enjoyed since 1911.


César Chappuis, the patriarch of the family who bought the original 82 acres in 1911, is seen here in front of the first house on the property.


A mid-century view of Chappuis Century Farm, which has incorporated dairy farming throughout its history to the present day.


Ellen and Alfred “Fritz” Chappuis represent the second generation owners of the Century family farm on the west shore of French Lake.


Janice and Bud Chappuis are seen resting on the tailgate of their van relatively early in their marriage. Two of their 12 children are also pictured.


Bud Chappuis, right, and his cousin Mike Stanton, left, on the Chappuis farm in the 1940s.


Third-generation owners, Bud and Janice Chappuis, stand proudly in front of the family farm sign, which features lifelike facsimiles of their prized Holsteins.


The stone cross that Bud Chappuis built from the remains of the founding of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church following a devastating fire in 2002 makes a lovely focal point for a meaningful spiritual memorial near Frenchman’s Lake.


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