Construction begins on the Lake Shore Boulevard East project


TORONTO – Construction details for the Lake Shore Boulevard East project have been announced by the City of Toronto and Waterfront Toronto, with construction scheduled to start at the end of the month.

The work, which is part of both the Gardiner Highway Rehabilitation Plan and the Port Lands Flood Protection Project, “will support the planned highway realignment to ensure pavement safety, facilitate extensive improvements and livability of the Port Lands area, improve public access to the Port Land and improve the city’s future climate resilience, ”a statement read.

Construction is being led by Waterfront Toronto. The first stage of the project is the permanent removal of the Logan Avenue ramp in the easternmost part of the Gardiner Expressway. The project also includes the widening and lengthening of the Lake Shore Bridge over the Don River and the reconstruction of the roadway between Don Road and Carlaw Avenue.

The removal of the Logan Avenue ramp supports Gardiner’s realignment work and extends and widens the Lake Shore Bridge. Once the Lake Shore Bridge is redeveloped, the new space will accommodate bike paths, footpaths and a new linear park, and allow for the redevelopment and naturalization of the Don River, which will be a critical component for future flood protection.

All work was planned and approved in 2016 as part of the larger Gardiner Highway reclamation plan.

In addition to the City and Waterfront Toronto, it also includes key players such as Metrolinx and Toronto Hydro.

“Every effort has been made to reduce the impacts of construction on the project,” said the City of Toronto press release. “It has been designed and manufactured to be as efficient as possible, including savings of approximately $ 35 million and a shorter construction period, which will reduce traffic disruptions by two years and provide infrastructure improvements at local residents and travelers four years earlier than expected. Extensive consultation has taken place with residents, businesses and interest groups over the past few years.

All pavement construction is expected to be completed in 2024.


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