Cultus Lake Resort Evacuated for Cedar Creek Fire


Yes, unfortunately we are on Level 3 Evacuation at Cultus Lake Resort. We were informed in the evening last night that we were going to be upgraded to a level 2 evacuation, and a few hours later they had upgraded us to level 3. We spent the next few hours making sure that the staff and the guests could leave. -to place. Our phone is still at the resort and the electricity is out (meaning our internet and cellular boosters are off), so we had very limited means of communication until late in the evening.

We worked late into the night to make sure guests and staff were safe off the property, and we also removed many of our rental boats. Around midnight last night, everything was still fine at the hotel, although smoky. We realize that very few of you were able to drop everything and recover your boats last night. Speaking to a fire official last night we were told that as long as the fire was not an immediate danger to the complex OR the road we would be cleared to get up this morning to continue moving more goods off site . We notified the fire marshal that we have a LOT of boat owners who would also be up there trying to salvage boats. We were told that you would be allowed up there to collect your boats unless the fire was an immediate danger, in which case law enforcement would turn everyone away.

The fire official did not expect this situation to improve anytime soon, but would only continue to deteriorate. Your best opportunity to collect your boat will be today, the sooner the better. Our zodiac is already out of the water but our aluminum fishing boat is still docked. We probably won’t be available for buoy rides, but please use our fishing boat and put it back when you’re done.

We will be visiting the resort soon to verify conditions and continue to remove assets from the resort. If for some reason they don’t allow us to return to the property, we will respond to this email and let everyone know as soon as possible.

Please please please be safe!!

Image: Map of the evacuation zone, as of 8.30am Wednesday


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