‘Data Lake Shore’ Adds Giles Nugent as Board Member and Richard Ryan as Director of Special Projects


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Data Lake Shore has added Giles Nugent to its board of directors. Additionally, Richard Ryan has joined as Director of Special Projects. Both are very strategic additions.

I have known Giles Nugent for over ten years, and he has been a tremendous mentor and advisor. Richard Ryan, I’ve known you even longer and will add tremendous depth in agility to our incredible team. »

— Damon Carr

NEWPORT BEACH, California, USA, Jan. 17, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Data Lake Shore today announced that Giles Nugent has joined its Board of Directors. He has decades of experience in finance and software. From his time at Salomon applying technology on the mortgage desk to his long career as a senior executive at PIMCO, he will add incredible depth and breadth to our board.

We are also delighted to announce that Richard Ryan has joined us as Director of Special Projects. Richard brings decades of experience, particularly around Agile, and a deep ability to succeed under the most challenging conditions.

“I have known Giles Nugent for over ten years, and he has been a tremendous mentor, friend and advisor. Adding him to our board will help accelerate our path to exponential profitability.

Richard Ryan, I’ve known you even longer. He hired me when I was in my twenties for what ended up being a career-defining appointment in New York.
These men are like family to me, and I’m thrilled they decided to help ‘Data Lake Shore’ with our mission.” – Damon Carr, CEO

Giles Nugent is a strategic planner and meta-thinker who understands the big picture of any situation and then advises on the best possible actions to take.

Richard Ryan is an achiever. He has proven it his whole career. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty and is relentless in his desire to win.

Data Lake Shore helps organizations maximize business value by using our products and leveraging our consulting services.

We are all like humans overwhelmed with data. However, data can be a useful indicator for your business if used correctly. There’s a way to not only leverage your data, but let it guide you to more profitable insights and significant cost reduction initiatives.

Our data science techniques have saved (and brought in) millions of dollars to our clients. Products like DataBricks have made it easy for you to leverage your SQL skills, for example, and they offer so much more. They provide a data science platform to build models that can have a huge impact on your organization and be a single source of truth for in-depth APIs that your development team can leverage or even offer for sale.

Founded in 2022, ‘Data Lake Shore’ is a leading provider of Data LakeHouse solutions. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to accelerate our mission, emphasizing DataBricks as a technology partner.

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