Dinkel’s Bakery in Lake View will permanently close on April 30


After more than a century in business, Dinkel’s Bakery on North Lincoln in Lakeview has announced that it will be closing its doors at the end of April.

Owner Norm Dinkel—whose grandparents founded the bakery in 1922—simply said, “It’s about time.”

“A few months ago I looked in the mirror and saw an old man, so I went to get a new mirror…and I saw an old man again,” Dinkel said.

Dinkel has been running Dinkel’s Bakery for over 50 years, longer than his father and grandfather before him.

“My products are something everyone can enjoy,” Dinkel said. “No matter your politics or what’s going on, anyone can sit down and have a donut, anyone can have a piece of cake, anyone can sit down and have cookies and milk or brownies .”

Dinkel’s has grown into a North Side institution that has made life a little sweeter in Lakeview since it opened in 1922, just across from its current location.

“It’s very sad because it’s really nice to be part of the neighborhood where everyone says, ‘Oh, you’re right next to Dinkel’s! “,” said Amy Novotny, owner of the Arthur Murray dance studio, a few steps away.

Norm told his staff on Tuesday that Dinkel’s would close at the end of April.


“It’s been a really tough day,” Dinkel said, fighting back tears.

“It’s a trade, and it’s a lost trade, I think,” said general manager Luke Karl. “Unfortunately, I think a lot of people don’t have those kinds of skills anymore.”

Dinkel said he tried to sell the business, but there was no interest. He said the building will go to a reputable developer.

The last day for Dinkel’s Bakery will be Saturday April 30.

“I love everyone and hope they visit Dinkel one last time before it’s too late,” Dinkel said.


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