DNA evidence links Cleveland man to sexual assaults in Lake View and Portage Park 25 years ago


A man was arrested in Cleveland, Ohio, last month after prosecutors were able to match DNA evidence linking him to two sexual assaults that took place 25 years ago in Lake View and Portage Park.

Juan Roldan, 59, was taken into police custody in Ohio on March 10 and charged with aggravated felony felony sexual assault and home invasion for the attacks, which took place in 1997 and 1998. according to Cook County prosecutors.

Roldan was extradited to Chicago on Tuesday and appeared in court the next day, where he was held without bond. the CWB Chicago crime news blog first reported that Roldan had been arrested and charged.

In the 1997 case, a 28-year-old woman was half asleep in her home on March 4 when Roldan broke in, entered her bedroom and sat on the edge of her bed, prosecutors said.

The woman could not see it well and, thinking it was one of her children, told the person to get into bed, prosecutors said. When Roldan got up, she immediately realized that he was a strange man and she tried to get up.

Roldan grabbed the woman, pulled her to the ground, put his hand over her mouth and sexually assaulted her, prosecutors said.

The woman filed a police report and went to the hospital, where a rape kit was filled out, prosecutors said. Weeks later, the woman chose a different man from a list who was eventually ruled out as the attacker thanks to DNA evidence. She was in therapy and on medication at the time.

Roldan attacked another woman less than a year later, on January 25, 1998, prosecutors said. The 22-year-old was walking near Sheffield and Wellington Avenues around 1.40am when she heard a car with a loud muffler coming, prosecutors said.

Roldan offered to drive the woman home, but she refused and he left, prosecutors said, adding that at some point Roldan turned back.

When the woman turned to Wellington, Roldan was waiting for her in an alley, prosecutors said. He grabbed the woman by the arm and put her in his car. The woman tried to escape, but Roldan continued to lock the doors, prosecutors said. He sexually assaulted the woman twice.

The woman filed a police report the same day and went to the hospital for treatment, prosecutors said. She was able to identify Roldan in a series of photos.

In 2014, authorities were able to match DNA found on the first victim to Roldan after his DNA profile was entered into the system due to a 2013 domestic battery arrest in Cleveland, prosecutors said.

A warrant for his arrest was issued for him that year.


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