“It’s really unfair,” a woman tells a hit and run on Lake View that killed his best friend – NBC Chicago


Nahiomy Alvarez is still recovering from the hit-and-run accident that claimed the life of her best friend, and for the first time, she speaks of a life cut short and seeks justice in this case.

Alvarez and his friend Sophie Allen were walking on a sidewalk near the intersection of Addison and Fremont on Saturday when a high-speed golden SUV hit the sidewalk and hit them.

Alvarez suffered a concussion, cuts and bruises, but his friend, who came from Florida, did not survive.

“Sophie has exploded into Lake Michigan on Friday. She screamed and jumped and was so happy,” said Alvarez. “It’s amazing. I do not know why I’m here and why it is not. It’s really unfair. “

Allen, 27, who had recently become engaged, was described by her friends as a bright light who illuminated life wherever she went.

“She was funny, so positive,” Alvarez said.

Alvarez is now on a mission to seek justice for her best friend and the community she lives in and loves deeply.

A fast-moving car was filmed moments before a fatal crash that killed one woman and injured another on the North Side of Chicago on Saturday, authorities said. NBC 5’s Vi Nguyen has the story.

“The fact that this happened in the middle of Wrigleyville, a place so close to home for all of us, I just encourage everyone to help the police whenever possible,” she said. “They murdered someone in the middle of the day on a sidewalk. It is incredibly unfair.

Police have no suspects in custody, but the search is still ongoing.

Those looking to pay homage to Allen will be able to do so on


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