Lake Resources Ltd’s new president will prepare lithium operations for the North American supply chain


Lake Resources NL (ASX:LKE, OTCQB:LLKKF) has appointed Stu Crow as executive chairman to oversee a realignment of operations over the next six months.

The clean lithium developer is repositioning itself to serve critical energy mineral supply chains in North America and Asia, and Crow will champion this transition throughout 2022.

In this role, Crow plans to appoint a CEO, CEO and new board members, as well as establish offices in the United States to implement Lake’s strategic vision.

This search is already well underway and Lake is in contact with candidates who could bring their expertise in production, operation and market.

On the way to becoming the world’s leading producer

Discussing the company’s operational vision today, Lake’s new Executive Chairman said, “Our ambitious goal is to achieve capacity of 100,000 tonnes of lithium brine per year by 2030, which will support the Lake’s ambition to become one of the world’s leading producers of sustainable high-purity solutions. lithium.

“We are now establishing a North American presence to serve our pick-up customers, continue to work with our US-based technology partner, and engage the capital markets,” Crow explained.

“We are aligning project delivery, mining technology and operations. We interview candidates with exceptional experience for the position of CEO and Managing Director, as well as candidates for the board of directors to reflect the growth of the company in the American markets.

Building in Argentina

Lake now has more than 150 people working on its four lithium brine projects in Argentina. It also has a lithium pegmatite asset in Argentina’s Catamarca province.

Based on this portfolio, Crow said the company has one of the largest lithium concessions in the country, amounting to more than 2,200 square kilometers.

Lake owns 100% of the majority of its leases, although technology partner Lilac Solutions has the right to earn up to 25% of the large-scale Kachi project after reaching certain milestones.

General Manager Steve Promnitz played an important role in staking Lake’s Argentine claims. Now, however, as the focus shifts to US markets, he is considering leaving the company.

“We are exceptionally grateful for Steve’s pioneering efforts in generating projects to establish Lake’s presence in Argentina,” said Executive Chairman Crow.

He went on to say that Promnitz also played a key role in the early identification of direct lithium mining and alignment with Lilac Solutions.

“As project finance becomes increasingly tied to ESG credentials, new lithium projects will need to meet strict ESG standards, and Steve recognized this early on,” he explained.

In signing, Crow said the market would be fully informed of the transition and appointment of new executives and board members.

To that end, he anticipated that Lake would have some news to share in the coming weeks.


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