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In the photo on the left, Rodney J. Buchanan, administrator of the AHN Westfield Memorial Hospital; accepting a check for $ 10,000 from Tracy Bennett, board member of the Allegheny Health Network-Westfield Memorial Hospital and the Lake Shore Savings Bank, while Dr Kathryn Bronstein, president of the Westfield Memorial Hospital Foundation, and Patricia DiPalma, CEO of Westfield Memorial Hospital Foundation, and Daniel Reininga, President and CEO of Lake Shore Savings Bank, watch.

WESTFIELD – Seeking support for its annual campaign, the Westfield Memorial Hospital Foundation enlisted the assistance of the Lake Shore Savings Bank for the acquisition and installation of a $ 20,000 advanced television system to benefit patients of the AHN-Westfield Memorial.

Patricia Gaughan DiPalma, Executive Director of the Westfield Memorial Hospital Foundation, was informed by Daniel P. Reininga, President and CEO of Lake Shore Savings, that the bank’s board of directors had agreed to pay $ 10,000 if a corresponding donation of $ 10,000 could be obtained.

“The entire Hospital Foundation Board of Directors and I are pleased to report that thanks to the continued generosity and support of the Carnahan-Jackson Foundation, the Lake Shore Savings Challenge has been met. “ said DiPalma.

As the philanthropic arm of Westfield Memorial Hospital, the Westfield Memorial Hospital Foundation works with the Community Hospital to provide financial support for the delivery of high quality health care to our local residents and beyond.

“Being able to get a unit that would serve the entire hospital is an incredible gift for which we are very grateful” said Rodney J. Buchanan, administrator of the hospital. “Many thanks to Lake Shore Savings Bank for their wonderful gift and for providing a matching challenge grant – and kudos to the Carnahan-Jackson Foundation for taking on this challenge. This advanced television system is ‘user friendly’ with large button remote controls that would allow our patients, especially our elderly and pediatric population, to have easier access to television programming during a time that can be somewhat intimidating. inside the walls of the hospital. This funding will also allow updating of the individual cable boxes currently connected to each television. “

Welcoming the efforts of the Lake Shore Savings Bank and the Carnahan-Jackson Foundation, DiPalma said: “If AHN-Westfield Memorial Hospital is to remain a pioneer in improved diagnostic services, the Foundation will be called upon repeatedly to fund sophisticated equipment in all hospital departments as needed. Never has the need to raise funds to ensure the continued delivery of quality health care for years to come has been more evident than today. The pandemic has strained all parts of America’s large but fragmented healthcare system. And because these additional tensions are even more pronounced in rural communities like ours, we recognize the importance of local funding to keep health care accessible to all and not a luxury for the few.

For more information on founding the hospital or how to donate to the 2021 annual campaign, contact DiPalma at [email protected], call 716-793-2338 or visit the foundation’s website at

In addition to emergency care, the hospital provides a range of services, including outpatient and acute surgery, outpatient diagnostic services, physiotherapy, cardiac testing and rehabilitation, imaging, medical services. diagnostics for women, digital mammography, laboratory, diabetes education, nuclear stress testing, wound and infusion clinics, inpatient care and a suite of specialist services that includes general surgery, digestive diseases, OB-GYN services, orthopedics, urology, cardiology and hearing services.

Telemedicine services for rheumatology and endocrinology are also available at AHN-WMH. The hospital also provides primary care services on the grounds of the Chautauqua Institution during its nine-week summer season.

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