Lake Shore Drive Residents Express Concerns Over Project Circle Trail


WICHITA FALLS (KFDX / KJTL) – A committee of residents and business owners on Lake Shore Drive in Wichita Falls is voicing concerns about the Circle Trail.

The trail is to be built behind the houses along the road and residents say they don’t feel safe when strangers travel to their backyards.

The city’s circular trail project has been going on for decades, since the late 1980s.

“There are a few people that come to mind that this was kind of their goal. It was their legacy project if you will. Jack Murphy, the former director of parks, I know he would love to see this trail completed, ”said Wichita Falls public works director Russell Schreiber.

But with just two more sections needed, there’s an end in sight.

One section requires it to be built along Lake Shore Drive behind the courtyards of homes and businesses like Larry’s Marine Center.

And the residents of this road are not happy with it.

“With them wanting to put a trail behind here, I have no way of protecting these boats and for the citizens of Lake Shore Drive, who are going to end up, could eventually end up, having a trail five feet from their back porch. . Larry’s Marine Center owner Rodney Brown said.

City surveys in the 1900s show that lake levels were in the backyards of people’s current homes. This allows the city to build behind these houses.

Residents of Lake Shore Drive say having people on the trail would disrupt their homes by taking away their privacy.

“We play here and we don’t want people riding bikes and walking in our backyard while we’re trying to cook or have fun in our backyards,” said Pamela Morath, resident of Lake Shore Drive.

City officials say this part of the project has yet to receive funding and it may take some time before the project is completed. But residents would much prefer to see Lake Shore Drive widen and the trail in the front yards.

“We are in no way against the track. None against a cyclist or hiker, whatever the case. All we want to do is move the trail to the front of the street, ”Brown said.

“Call the mayor, call the city manager, let them know it’s not something that’s right. If we live there, we wouldn’t want it in our backyard. We also need to get the community to support this, ”said Gary Morath, resident of Lake Shore Drive.

Another story of the city against the residents but the end goal of it all: to keep moving the city forward.

Schreiber says if the funding arrives officials won’t know until October or November, but he says there’s a good chance it won’t be funded by then.


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