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WATCH Photo by MJ Stafford Work continued last week on the ‘bumps’ at the intersection of Main Street with Lake Shore Drive in Dunkirk.

The Lake Shore Drive project in Dunkirk is nearing completion and should be completed by mid-October.

EJ Hayes, deputy director of planning and development for the city of Dunkirk, offered this information and more during a project update Thursday with the OBSERVER.

“The median islands are installed and will be developed from mid-September to the end of September”, he said. Trees will be planted in some places along the road, he added.

There are “bumps” installed or being installed at four of Lake Shore Drive’s intersections: Swan Street, Central Avenue, Washington Avenue and Main Street. The bumps are installed at the first three locations, and the one on Main Street is currently under construction, according to Hayes.

Bumps are essentially extensions of the sidewalk into the shoulders of the road. They are meant to make things easier for pedestrians crossing Lake Shore Drive, and this idea is part of the Complete Streets program that governs the project.

Complete Streets advocates changes to roadways to make them safer and friendlier to pedestrians and cyclists. Both New York State and Chautauqua County officially encourage the use of complete streets principles in highway projects.


“I know the reviews are mixed” Hayes talked about the Lake Shore Drive project. “Ultimately, this will dramatically improve the aesthetics and safety of our waterfront.” He also noted county and state support for the project.

Beyond landscaping, installing signage and realigning the remaining lanes, there is still a lot of work to be done at the Lake Shore Drive/Central Avenue intersection.

Hayes said the intersection will be milled and repaved over the next two weeks, with an improved striping and painting plan planned.

This is the only place on the road where there will be more paving as part of the project. Hayes said repaving the rest of Lake Shore Drive is at the discretion of the New York State Department of Transportation.

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