Lake Shore is WNY’s first school district with an electric bus


ANGOLA, NY – Lake Shore Central School District now has an all-electric school bus.

The zero-emission bus is the first of its kind in Western New York.

“Eliminating diesel fuel emissions provides public health and environmental benefits, and electric buses also provide operational savings to school districts,” Superintendent Dan Pacos said. “The initial cost of an electric school bus is higher than a diesel bus, but electric buses cut fuel and maintenance costs in half over the life of the vehicle. We expect annual savings of $15,000 in fuel and maintenance costs with the electric bus.”

Due to New York State regulations, school districts will not be able to purchase diesel-powered buses in five years. These buses will then be withdrawn from circulation in 10 years.

“Thanks to state aid reimbursements and funds from the auction of old buses, we have been able to purchase the electric bus at a very reasonable cost to local taxpayers, which will be offset by the annual savings the bus will generate. “Pacos said. added. “The Lake Shore Central School District is striving to keep pace with environmentally friendly technology and innovation, so we decided it was time to try electric buses and work out any issues before we had to convert our full fleet.”

Lake Shore officials say they are just trying to anticipate change.

“By eliminating diesel engine exhaust emissions, we reduce air pollution and ground-level ozone, as well as air quality-related illnesses and asthma,” said said district transportation supervisor Perry Oddi. “It’s not just about reducing our carbon footprint; it’s about having the opportunity to maintain the health and safety of our students and staff.”

Much of the money the school district needed to buy this electric bus came from state aid.


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