Lake Shore Park pond suffers the death of a beloved swan | Local News


TOWNSHIP OF ASHTABULA – Visitors to Lake Shore Park react to the sad news of the recent death of a swan in the duck pond.

“We lost one two weeks ago,” said Ashtabula Township Park Commission administrative assistant Peggy Davis. “We found her floating upside down under the bridge.”

Park officials do not know what happened to the swan.

Davis said there were no marks on her body.

“We turned her over to Animal Control,” she said.

Ashtabula resident Sherry Smith, who said she has followed the journey of the cygnets, or baby mute swans, since they hatched, said the death made her very sad.

Amherst, NY resident Karen Peterson stayed with friends who live near Lake Shore Park.

“We noticed that there was only one swan left in Lake Shore Park because we like to walk there every day,” she said.

Davis said many people come to the park to see the swans.

“We were a bit shocked [at the death of the swan], because she was younger than the others,” she said. “We don’t know what happened.”

Park officials do not plan to replace the swan at this time.

Wendy Schick from Ashtabula has been tracking swans since 2009 with her camera, taking hundreds of photos.

With the help of her friend, Beverly Windle, from Ashtabula, she created a calendar with her photographs. The women have since sold the calendars, donating the proceeds to the Ashtabula Township Park Commission for the care of the swans.

Ashtabula County Commissioner Casey Kozlowski said the swans are a big tourist attraction at Lake Shore Park.

“It’s sad to hear that a swan has passed,” he said. “Very sad.”

Shelley Terry is a reporter for the Star Beacon.


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