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Local news Posted 09/10/2021 16:08, Last update 09/10/2021 20:09

Rhenish There are businesses you might associate with the Northwoods: paper mills, some restaurants, or outdoor businesses. Some companies are less well known, but they still play a major role not only in the local economy, but across the country.

The folks at Lake Shore Systems Inc., which makes integrated solutions for warships, take great pride in what they do. Company officials say this is only part of what Lake Shore does to keep those who serve our country safe.

Rhinelander Plant Manager Scott Sievert said, “Every active duty ship in the US Fleet, every active service ship in the US Navy, has a part made from Rhinelander, Wisconsin,” he said. said factory manager Scott Sievert.

Lake Shore Systems has been around for a long time and opened stores in the 19th century.

“Lake Shore Systems was established in 1858, so it’s 162 years old,” Sievert said. “The Rhinelander facility opened in 1990 and has been in existence for around 32 years in the Rhineland. The plant manufactures parts such as naval ramps, hatches and resupply systems, among others. “Basically doing all kinds of heavy fabrication for the Defense Department, underground mining equipment and many other customers,” Sievert said.

Lake Shore employees say it gives them a great sense of pride in creating advanced systems for the military. “NOT90% of the people who work here, if not more, are very proud of what they do and where they go, ”said Justin Houg, welder and manufacturer at Lake Shore.

Sievert says that making quality products is very important to the people who work for Lake Shore. “We have a lot of people my age who have young children, young adults in the service, so we want to make sure that our equipment, when it’s on these ships, is sturdy, not going to harm anyone. Our mantra is safety, quality, timing, cost, ”Sievert said.

Lake Shore executives say that, like many businesses in the area, it has been difficult to find skilled workers, but they also add that there are opportunities for anyone to come and contribute to their mission.


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