Lake view at Ozawkie in Lago Vista


TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – In Ozawkie, near the water’s edge at Lake Perry, is the flagship restaurant for this week’s Fork in the Road. The Lago Vista Grill at 102 Main Street serves Mexican-style entrees and owners Miguel and his mother Sonia are not from Kansas.

“My children lived in Topeka. I’m from California, Santa Barbara, so we grew up by the ocean,” said Miguel Cadena. “I moved to Topeka and opened a restaurant there and quickly realized I needed to be closer to the water and Ozawkie was the place to be and Lake Perry is beautiful. is Kansas heaven to me.

Similar to how Miguel’s kids convinced him to move to Kansas, Miguel convinced his seasoned restaurant mom to make the move too.

“For years my son kept saying ‘come, mum come, I’m here alone and I have a business, come and help,'” Miguel’s mother Sonia Cordova said, “and finally there had a day where I said ok, ok, I’m leaving I packed everything in the car and drove up and here I am.

Miguel’s son also works at Lago Vista and this family has their arguments like any other.

“I appreciate him and I’m very proud of my son,” Sonia said, “I look up to him and I follow his example and he follows my example and we both kind of work together. We agree and we don’t agree and we don’t talk to each other and then we come back, but it’s been an experience. I’m happy. I don’t feel overwhelmed.”

Even with the disagreements, this family knows they can count on each other to push the line forward.

“It’s a very powerful feeling,” Miguel said. “You feel invincible when there’s a line of people and only one man in the kitchen. I’m not afraid we can’t handle it. It’s my family, you know? This is what we do.”

Miguel and his mother also attribute the success of Lago Vista to their extended Ozawkie family, who are always ready to lend a hand.

“I was once trying to mow this side yard with a weeder because I didn’t have a lawnmower and a customer came by and said ‘wait, I live just up the road. Lets tell me to disassemble my mower.’ said Miguel, “It’s always things like that. People always pay attention to us, so we try to pay attention to our people.”

So join the family and come to Ozawkie for a view of the lake at Lago Vista Grill.

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