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An artistic representation of the Lake View Commons Mall

KingOne Properties International

Mike King is best known for residential development and sales through his real estate business KingOne Properties International, but he ventures into commercial development to bring something upscale and a little different to North Myrtle Beach.

With a pair of partners, King is creating Lake View Commons, a six-unit mall that King says will be anchored by a second Crave Italian Oven & Bar.

He is currently negotiating with tenants, with others pending, and he also plans to have professional offices, including a KingOne satellite office, a lawyer’s office, an interior designer, an insurance agency and a financial adviser in the center.

He hopes to open all businesses simultaneously between September and December 2022.

Crave partner Nick Vaugh said the restaurant owners plan to become part of Lake View Commons, but the contract has not been finalized.

“We are excited to expand to North Myrtle Beach,” Vaugh said. “We have been very close friends of Mike King for many years and he is an excellent developer. We are enthusiastic about the project, the drawings and the plans. We’re thrilled to be a part of it, we’re just not 100% in it. It’s an upscale design that really hasn’t been seen in the Myrtle Beach area.

The restaurant will have outdoor seating facing a small lake with a fountain.

“I want to have professional businesses there because Crave is such a popular restaurant that they’ll need the whole parking lot for dinner at night for the restaurant,” King said.

Vaugh, whose family also owns and operates Sol Y Luna and the Carolina Social Bar pub on wheels in addition to Crave in Myrtle Beach, said he is also considering a Myrtle Beach location for another restaurant, this one specializing in seafood.

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Lake View Commons will be located at 9th Ave. South and US 17 at the entrance to the Belle Park residential community in North Myrtle Beach.

The sleek design is based on a strip center in Palm Beach, Florida that King enjoys. The exterior will have white tiles with dark elements.

“I’ve always wanted to bring luxury to Myrtle Beach, with Grande Dunes,” said King, who was Grande Dunes’ real estate sales manager. “I’ve been in the business for quite a long time, it’s my home and I care about it. There’s a lot of money coming into Myrtle Beach and there’s a lot of locals looking for first class accommodations and that’s what I want to provide.

The six-tenant building is the first of two phases for Lake View Commons and spans 1.3 acres. Phase II will be adjacent and span 1.6 acres directly on US 17 and may include seven or eight businesses.

“I’ve already had two restaurants contact me for Phase II. Hopefully we will go straight to Phase II once construction kicks into gear in Phase I,” King said.

KingOne recently sold 49 lots to Cottages on the Marsh in the Cherry Grove neighborhood of North Myrtle Beach, its newest residential development.

“I did everything I could do on the residential side,” King said. “I” continue to do developments on the residential side, but the commercial side appeals to me more now. In residential sales and development, you are always selling yourself a job. When you develop commercial property, it’s like an annuity. It’s mailbox money from now on.

King’s two business development partners are Scott Miles, an area resident, and Dan Castellano, an accountant in New York who has purchased several residential properties in KingOne Properties and plans to move to the area.

“He was looking for a commercial strip club and I searched for a year and a half and couldn’t find anything, and I said, ‘You know what Dan, let’s make our own,'” King said. “And we will probably continue to do them for some time.”

Lake View Commons updates will be posted on his Facebook page.

This story was originally published October 4, 2021 5:00 a.m.

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