Lake View men arrested on multiple counts in burglary investigation


Two Lake View men were arrested Friday on burglary, arson and other charges.

The Sac County Sheriff’s Office has issued at least six separate search warrants since March 4, leading to the arrests of 34-year-old John Bogue and 41-year-old Nick Bogue.

The charges against John Bogue stemmed from an investigation into burglaries in the area that lasted several months. Stolen property had already been recovered from John Bogue’s home in a search warrant issued on March 4. John Bogue has been linked to at least two separate burglaries in Sac County since December last year.

The charges against Nick Bogue were the result of a search warrant issued at a property he owns just north of Lake View. During this search, stolen property related to the ongoing burglary investigation in Sac County was located. Law enforcement alleges stolen property was kept on Nick Bogue’s property to his knowledge. A substance identified as methamphetamine was found floating in Nick Bogue’s toilet during the execution of the search warrant. He told law enforcement that he tried to flush methamphetamine and tramadol down the toilet as authorities attempted to enter his home.

On February 15, the Lake View Fire Department responded to a structure fire at 2673 Perkins Avenue. Firefighters found an abandoned two-story house and two outbuildings on fire. During an investigation into burglaries in the area, sheriff’s officers seized Nick Bogue’s phone. A search warrant was issued for the contents of the phone and law enforcement found video on the phone of the burning house at 2673 Perkins Avenue. The video was time-stamped prior to notification from firefighters. During the investigation, it was learned that John Bogue was also present when the video was taken by Nick Bogue.

John Bogue has been charged with continuing criminal conduct, a Class B felony…two counts of 3rd degree burglary, which are Class D felonies…three counts of 2nd degree arson…and mischief 1st degree criminal. John Bogue was incarcerated in the Sac County Jail on $80,000 bond.

Nick Bogue has been charged with three counts of 2nd degree arson… 1st degree criminal mischief… 3rd degree robbery… and possession of methamphetamine. Nick Bogue was incarcerated in Sac County Jail on $43,000 bond.


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