Lisa Ward of Lake View announces candidacy for Senate District 21 seat


TUSCALOOSA, AL – Democrat Lisa Ward has become the first challenger to outgoing State Senator Gerald Allen in his bid for re-election in 2022.

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A resident of Lake View, the 54-year-old describes herself as a “seasoned activist” and long-time political activist. She confirmed to Patch on Thursday that she has yet to officially qualify for the 2022 general election, but has raised funds for the campaign and built up support from voters in the largely conservative district, which covers some parts. Lamar, Pickens and Tuscaloosa counties.

“I am running because I have been a recruiting candidate who has been running campaigns for decades and after the last election nothing has changed,” she told Patch on Thursday. “I couldn’t sleep. The People’s Candidates gave up running in Alabama. For a decade people didn’t believe Democrats had a clear message, but to me the message was very clear. can’t win It’s a red state. And we’ve said it so much, we believe it. “

She then said she felt compelled to answer the call and be the candidate she couldn’t find.

“For too long incredible candidates have come together to serve and their seeds have fallen on hard ground,” she said. “I have the impression of being this tiller which must break this ground.

“We are one of a handful of states that do not provide basic health care to those living in poverty,” she added. “Alabama ranks at the bottom of any educational rankings you can find, and we are one of three states that levy a full sales tax on bread, food and necessities.” basic “of life.”

Ward and her husband Fred – a retired business manager for the International Union of Painters and Allied Crafts – have been married for 35 years. The couple have three adult children and eight grandchildren.

She has a background in business administration and legal. Prior to becoming a full-time activist, Ward worked for Cliffs Natural Resources in its asset management division for Global Operation Services.

When examining its major platforming issues, they focus on the post-census redistribution of 2020 and Allen’s record on conservative policies. His opponent is a longtime member of the Alabama Standing Legislative Committee on Redistribution, which is currently leading the redistribution process.

“There are Goliaths all around me, but what if the guy upstairs wants to see the David in me?” she said. “A slingshot. A stone. A blow to topple Gerald Allen for his more than two ineffective decades of under-serving our district… then, if not me, then who and if not now, then when?”

Allen, a 71-year-old Republican from Tuscaloosa, in July announced his plans stand for election to represent District 21. He has served in the state legislature since 1994, before securing his Senate seat in 2010 when he ousted outgoing State Senator Phil Poole, a Democrat.

In the 2018 general election, Allen claimed victory over the Democrat Rick burnham with 67% of the votes. In his two re-election candidacies, Allen easily won over the Democratic challengers with over 60% of the vote in two elections.

The Democratic primary for the November general election is set for May 24, 2022.

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