New resort planned in Canandaigua


Plans were unveiled this week for a new resort on Lake Canandaigua.

It is, appropriately, called The Lake House, in the place previously occupied by The Inn on the Lake.

The co-developers are Bill Caleo and Doug Bennett, members of the Sands family, who want to make the spot a year-round destination.

The old hotel closed last year. The new one will feature 125 bedrooms, a spa, a new seawall and boardwalk, and an event barn that can be used for weddings and conferences.

There is competition in this area, with the Canandaigua Finger Lakes Resort slated to open next year.

But Bennett thinks there’s enough business for everyone, and he says having more than one resort will help attract more people to the area.

“To make the Finger Lakes, and Canandaigua in particular, a destination of choice for people outside the region. And I think with additional hotels, additional resorts, it will only make that more obvious as a choice for people to come to the area,” Bennett said.

Bennett expects The Lake House to eventually have about 100 employees.

Bennett says the facilities will open next year, starting with Sand Bar, a popular lakeside spot that used to be there. He expects the hotel to open next summer.


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