North DuSable Lake Shore Drive between Hollywood and Grand will undergo a major overhaul

CHICAGO (WLS) — The stretch of DuSable Lake Shore Drive between Grand and Hollywood is old. Much of it was built in the 1930s, and pothole repair just doesn’t seem to keep up.

“It’s horrible,” said motorist Leon King. “It’s like the car is going through a massive war zone.”

“The base under the asphalt is crumbling and we have to resurfacing the road more and more frequently,” said David Miller of the Chicago Department of Transportation. “We have to do more and more repairs to bridges and structures along the road, and it’s becoming inefficient.”

“Big changes are underway for North DuSable Lake Shore Drive to replace aging infrastructure; plans that consider climate change and how people will use the drive in the future. Now you can have your say. say what’s next in an online poll that offers five options for a redesigned drive. All include express access to the dedicated bus lane.

“Everyone has a different way of seeing the lakefront and using DuSable Lake Shore Drive, and so our job is to bring it all together in a way that works best for everyone, and also remains safe and accessible” , said Miller, who is project management of the North DuSable Lake Shore Drive phase one study.

The redesign would also straighten the curve at Oak Street by pushing the exit toward the lake.

It’s early in the planning process, but people already have opinions.

“It’s just part of Chicago,” said motorist Paul Eberly. “It’s like Wrigley Field or the Water Tower. It’s a Chicago thing. We all have to go through the big curve. No, keep the curve.”

The survey can be accessed here and will be open until April 22. Construction could start as early as 2025.

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