Open Letter to Speeding Drivers on Lake Shore Road


Dear drivers,

Now that we are slowly entering warmer weather, traffic will increase in Western New York. It happens every year. It also means that more drivers will speed down the roads.

For the record, you should never exceed the speed limit, but some roads pose a more dangerous threat than other roads. As a general rule, any road that is narrower and involves nearby buildings is very dangerous.

I lived in Hamburg for 4 years. In a neighborhood quite close to Lake Shore Road (Route 5). I drove on Route 5 and Southwestern Blvd. often. My parents still live in this area and I go down Lake Shore occasionally.

The stretch of road between Hoak’s and Old Lake Shore has a 40mph speed limit, but you would never know that based on drivers going down the road at 50-55-60+ mph. This section of Route 5 has twisty turns and no medians. In addition, it is quite narrow. One wrong move, especially in winter, and there can be a disastrous accident.

Once I was given a speeding ticket and had to take a five hour course. One of the things that stood out to me about this experience was that the instructor said that many of those who speed have never received a serious enough ticket, or worse, have been involved in an accident, which would deter them to drive so fast and recklessly. That’s why it’s so hard to get a message across at home. Many of us have to learn the hard way.

This is a stretch of road that absolutely must not be slowed down.

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