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WHITTINGTON (WSIL) – Rend Lake Resort needs some work.

“The amount of money they are offering for a sector of it, I don’t know, is that enough? Probably not, so whoever is going to get it … will have to bring a lot of money with that”, The Garden Grove Event Center owner Dirk Borgsmiller said.

Borgsmiller is one of 10 vendors interested in resuming operations at Rend Lake Resort, a facility that has been closed since December 2016. These companies gathered at the resort on Thursday for a mandatory meeting to submit bids.

“We’re interested in accommodations that would compliment weddings, events, conferences and seminars instead of making it a full-fledged resort,” Borgsmiller said.

When the Illinois Department of Natural Resources attempted to bring in someone to take over operations for the first time, the potential supplier had to take charge of everything.

“For a lot of people it’s a lot of work so that’s one of the reasons we decided to break this and I think that’s why we see quite a few people here today because it there are additional options, ”said Rachel, deputy director of IDNR. Torbert said.

The state is also offering up to $ 1.5 million for additional work that remains to be done.

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Borgsmiller said he plans to submit an offer, but there’s a lot going on there. He is also concerned about the future of the facility if no one is able to take over.

“Honestly, I think it’s probably the last lap,” Borgsmiller said. “It’s been closed. He’s missed three seasons. Anyone who’s had family reunions, vacations, or weekends in the past, it’s not on their radar screen anymore. So it should be completely resurrected, renamed, remarketed, repositioned in a completely different way than it was before. “

Potential bidders have until August 2 to submit their proposals to resume resort operations. Torbert said IDNR wants to move as quickly as possible to award an offer to a potential supplier.


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