Rename Lake Shore Drive Chicago? City Council is expected to vote on a possible name change for Jean Baptiste Point Du Sable

CHICAGO (WLS) – Chicago city council is expected to discuss a controversial proposal to rename Lake Shore Drive on Wednesday in honor of Jean Baptiste Point DuSable.

Jean Baptiste Point DuSable is a black man considered by many to be the founder of Chicago.

And on Wednesday, city council is due to decide whether Lake Shore Drive should be renamed in his honor.

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City council is expected to vote on Wednesday, but it has been a very polarizing question.

Some aldermen claim the votes are there to change it, but others point out that recent polls show some Chicagoans are against the name change.

The name change would include the outer portion of Lake Shore Drive from Hollywood Avenue to 67th Street.

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The mayor opposed it and offered another option.

She wants the Riverwalk to be renamed, starting in DuSable Park, with statues and educational markers added for Chicagoans and tourists alike to see and learn.

But, that’s not going to work with some aldermen, who tell ABC 7 Chicago that a compromise to name the causeway “DuSable Lake Shore Drive” has also collapsed.

So as it stands, voting on the Drive name after DuSable, and leaving no part of “Lake Shore” in the name, is what will be before Council on Wednesday.

In the vote at the last meeting, things got complicated in the boardroom, with supporters calling for an immediate vote and others calling for a postponement.

17th Ward Alderman David Moore is sponsoring the proposal and said it was more than just a name change. It’s a chance to teach the next generation.

“People think it’s just the name; me and everyone who’s been involved, we’re talking about unity, bringing the city together,” he said. “African Americans are ignored and their history is ignored; we don’t want to divide the city. I want to continue to bring the city together. “

Moore said he believes Wednesday’s vote could cause another delay, which is equally frustrating for his colleagues.

“We have to make a decision; we have to finish it so that we can start focusing on what is really important in communities, like the violence that besieges all of our neighborhoods,” said 15th Ward alderman Raymond Lopez.

Peggy Montes, a member of the DuSable Park advisory board, worries about all the back and forth in City Council about Lake Shore Drive preventing the park project from being completed.

“We are here to complete the legacy of Harold Washington, to build DuSable Park and make it a place to show people the contributions that Jean Baptiste Point DuSable has made by being called the father of the city of Chicago,” Montes mentioned. .

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