Road Rage Shooting: 21-month-old injured on Lake Shore Drive near Grant Park

CHICAGO (WLS) – A 21-month-old boy was shot in the head in a road rage incident on Lake Shore Drive near Grant Park on Tuesday. Chicago Police are now questioning someone of interest in the shooting.

The confrontation started on Lake Shore Drive near Waldron and ended in an accident in Monroe. A Good Samaritan passing the scene transported the boy to Lurie Children’s Hospital, where he remains in intensive care in serious condition.

WATCH | A doctor takes stock of the toddler’s condition

“He is undergoing a number of treatments and we are managing his disease at the moment so it is very difficult to predict at this time what will happen,” said Dr Marcelo Malakooti, ​​Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Lurie Children’s Hospital. . “Anytime we have a brain injury it’s very hard to predict exactly what the course will be like, but it’s a very tenuous situation. It can change hourly for us, but luckily it’s in a place where we can respond to any other emergency if we have to. “

Chicago Police said shots were first fired at Lake Shore Drive near Waldron just after 11 a.m. Tuesday and continued for two blocks.

Investigators say the shooting may have started as a road rage incident.

“Perhaps there was a dispute over not letting someone enter a taxiway,” said Cmdr. Jacob Alderden, Chicago Police Department

WATCH | Chicago police take stock of dead child shot on Lake Shore Drive

“It appears to be a case of road rage. Detectives are actively investigating. They have witnesses and a suspect,” Mayor Lori Lightfoot said. “It’s mind-boggling to me that people carry guns and use them the way they do and use them that way when kids are in close proximity.”

The victims’ car crashed into the road near Monroe just as a Good Samaritan was passing by.

“She crawled out the front passenger window of the car and started screaming that her baby was injured and that her baby had been shot,” the Good Samaritan said.

Wanting to remain anonymous, the man said he heard a woman screaming for help and didn’t hesitate to take them to hospital.

“I told them, ‘Just get in the backseat of the car and I’ll try to get you there as fast as possible,” “he said.

Doctors said timing was of the essence and added that he was happy someone offered help immediately. But this man said it was just the right thing to do.

“They said they needed help and I don’t think I could live with that if I decided to keep driving,” he said. “I think that’s what you’re supposed to do.

A handgun was recovered from the vehicle the child was in, but it is not known if it was fired in the shooting, police said.

Police are still looking for the other vehicle, described as a black Chevrolet.

Community activists, led by Ja’Mal Green, offer a reward of $ 5,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

“We need to bring this horrible person to justice,” Green said.

“Where’s a safe place?” Is there a safe place? Do we really want a safe place? We are missing children, ”said Pastor Donovan Price, Solutions and Resources Chicago.

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