Summerland council rejects private dock proposal for lake shore


Plans for a 32-dock private dock as part of the Oasis development on Lakeshore Drive were unanimously rejected by Summerland Council on Monday July 25.

The structure, proposed to be built in front of the Lakeshore Racquets Center, met with much public opposition.

Staff told the board that 162 pieces of correspondence had been received, including 21 supporting and 141 opposing.

Com. Doug Holmes raised questions about Oasis residents believing the wharf was already approved and the developer claiming it was part of the original plans.

“But if you look at the developer’s website, you’ll see the original concept drawing, and in that you’ll see there’s no dock, no wharf, no marina of any kind,” he said. -he declares.

Holmes added that when council rezoned the property three years ago to allow condo construction, questions were raised by council and the public about potential plans for a dock.

“It was an unequivocal no.”

Com. Richard Barkwell echoed Holmes’ comments.

“They want, without any compensation, to encroach on the area that rightfully belongs to the racquet club,” Barkwell said. “It defies logic to see that big dock there, and the public certainly spoke.”

Barkwell also raised concerns about the impact boating activity could have on Rotary Beach.

“My own sister was hit and killed by a boat. It can happen.”

Mayor Toni Boot said current and previous councils have worked to increase livability for all residents of Summerland.

“Historically, this area has been a water playground for everyone, not just a lucky few,” she said.

The sponsor can resubmit their application in six months or provide justification to the district for waiving the waiting period.

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