The Lake View Cross-Country Ski Team Gets to Work When No One’s Looking


The Chiefs and Maidens cross country team is preparing for district competition next week.

SAN ANGELO, Texas – Before the sun comes up, before you have your first cup of coffee, or even before the birds start to sing – the only sound you’ll hear at 6:30 a.m. are shoes that are hitting the Lake View track step-by-step as Chiefs and Maidens prepare for district competition next week.

Head Coach Erin Leeper has built a competitive and successful program, already winning medals in cross country competitions.

“We won a lot of medals and the joint venture even won a few competitions,” said Leeper. “Which is important, because not only do we have a strong university, but we also have a strong joint venture.”

As the team continues to work and prepare for its competitions, the riders have a strong bond with their head coach. Make it the idea of ​​waking up before the sun comes up and running around worth every second.

“It’s great to have him,” said senior runner Justin Vasquez. “Just being ourselves and being able to come here and run and get better and she just tells us what to do if I was really good.”

Vasquez, who has been a force for the boys, was able to place fifth in their last meeting, and his counterpart Landy Williams for the women’s team also congratulates Leeper on their success.

“It means a lot because I’ve had her for four years and she’s been really nice and it’s been fun,” Williams said.

With the district starting next week, Leeper said the Chiefs and Maidens will only continue to strive and compete at the highest level and win more medals.

“You can expect not only more medals, but knowing that every time a child puts on a Lakeview uniform, they’re representing the community to the best of their abilities,” Leeper said.

The chiefs and young women have two meetings on October 6 and 7, then begin district meetings next week.


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