TN Lake Resort defends its employees in a viral message


In a world inflamed with negativity, we sometimes see and feel anger, impatience, intolerance and complete disrespect, every day. This makes things hostile and hopeless.

We get angry at the smallest things and we take it out on everyone around us. Even when we are on vacation or just having the weekend and supposed to relax and have fun, we spoil it with our lack of empathy for those around us.

I saw this post on a Facebook group I belong to Lake Norris in LaFollette, Tennessee. He comes from a place that certainly serves lake lovers with food, drink, activities and fun. It’s an amazing place to dock and stay.

The Shanghai Resort and Marina recently underwent a major renovation and now looks like something you would see in the Bahamas. The resort looks amazing and is ready to help you have an unforgettable time on the lake. The staff are well trained and eager to serve you and make you happy.

The Tennessee Resort looks like something you would see in the Bahamas – See Photos

Why then are people so mean to the staff? Meanness, anger and bullying happen everywhere and mostly to people who are just trying to do their job. Most of the time they have no control over what we complain about.

Shanghai Resort and Marina

Shanghai Resort and Marina

The cruel treatment of employees has gotten so bad at the Shanghai Resort and Marina that they feel compelled to talk about it on their Facebook page. The station stands up for its employees who are often high school and college students and the post goes viral for all the right reasons.

Here is what they posted on their Facebook status.

Just a reminder for those unfamiliar with Lake Life in Tennessee. Most of our staff, not just Shanghai, but almost ALL MARINAS have lost the majority of their staff, most of them high school and college students. If you’re the type to make a 16-year-old hostess or a 19-year-old waiter cry, we’ll take the place of our staff. While we strive to ensure everyone has a good time and an enjoyable experience, there will be issues at any establishment. No business will ever be able to run perfectly 100% of the time. Take a moment to think about a few things.

The station went on to say,

1. The remaining staff are still mostly made up of children or young adults. Would you want someone to yell at or insult your child, who chose to go to work that day?

2. They are all working to death as there are far less staff. They try!

3. They can’t help themselves if the wifi isn’t working. It’s not their fault we wait an hour. They can’t help themselves if the electricity goes out.

4. Staffing is incredibly difficult, especially when you have seasonal employees. Finding more staff at the end of a season is a struggle.

5. Always ask for a manager if you have any problems, don’t vent your frustration on a child.

Shanghai Resort and Marina

Shanghai Resort and Marina

You are on the LAC! Sit back, relax, enjoy the view, sip your beer and take a deep breath. Any of us WORKING would swap shoes with you any day of the week. Life is short, be kind and look at things from someone else’s point of view. Cheers!

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