Toronto cyclists are fighting to have Lake Shore closed to cars this summer after a busy weekend


Beautiful weather this weekend saw many Toronto cyclists dust off their bikes for the first time in months, but without ActiveTO and Lake Shore Blvd. West, it hasn’t been perfect for spring.

The city’s pedestrian- and cycle-friendly road closure program hasn’t kicked off yet, but when it does, ActiveTO will look very different from its inaugural year.

According to an announcement last week, the City of Toronto is considering removing weekend closures on Lake Shore Blvd. West.

Thanks to reported traffic delays on the connecting highways and major construction work in Roncesvalles, Lake Shore Road – one of ActiveTO’s most popular closures, which has seen around 18,000 cyclists every weekend – might not come back this summer.

This is a blow to the cycling program, given that Lake Shore West accounted for approximately 60% of all pedestrian and cycling traffic for ActiveTO.

Despite city studies showing the route was a hit with pedestrians, runners and cyclists, Toronto may have to say goodbye to gorgeous Lake Ontario views while hurtling down the eastbound Lake Shore lanes. .

Instead, cyclists will have to take to the Martin Goodman Trail, which was overflowing with people this weekend.

According to Bike Share, Saturday also saw a huge spike for rent at the bike station at Lake Shore Blvd. It’s undeniable: Toronto loves biking on the waterfront.

But ahead of a Tuesday meeting for the infrastructure and environment committee, more than 3,900 people signed a Cycle Toronto petition to #KeepActiveTO. The group is pushing for even more permanent bike lanes across the city.

The group recommends Toronto residents email their city councilors to request that Lake Shore Blvd. West to continue to be part of the program.


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