Traffic in Chicago: DuSable Lake Shore Drive lane closures at 57th Street begin next week for construction work related to the Obama Library

CHICAGO (WLS) — A southbound lane from DuSable Lake Shore Drive at 57th Street will close next week and traffic will be diverted through Jackson Park for some preparatory work related to the Obama Presidential Library.

“Turn right on 57th Street from Lake Shore Drive heading south and then continue on Cornell and then Stony Island, this is already the route a lot of people take and is a recommended alternative,” Dave said. Miller, Chicago Dept. of Transportation, Jackson Park Mobility Improvements. , Project Manager.

Miller said the closure was necessary to widen that section of the road in preparation for Cornell’s closure for the Obama Presidential Center.

“If you have an alternate route you can take, if you can take the Dan Ryan or alter your route somewhat, we recommend that. There will be traffic impact on DuSable Lake Shore Drive as part of this project. “, did he declare.

Some questioned the impact of traffic on commuters and access to the park.

“Construction projects in Chicago always seem to take about three times longer than they should,” said Bridgeport resident Jeni Griffin.

A section of Hayes will also be closed just west of the road for construction of an underpass. But the Hayes parking lots next to the basketball courts and the golf course will be accessible.

“Some of the guys, that’s all they have is their social life, so I think it will be an inconvenience, but it will be worth it in the long run,” said Mel Hall, resident of the South Shore.

“I think economic growth and jobs are really needed in this part of Chicago, so I think it will be worth it,” said South Shore resident Samuel Clyburn.

These closures are the first phase of road projects around Jackson Park that are expected to be in place through the fall of 2023. But there will be more road construction that will continue through 2025.

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