Wacoans worried about litter on Lake Shore Drive; who is responsible for cleaning?


WACO, TX – Reports of litter and piles of trash are piling up around Waco, leaving many upset and wondering who is handling the problem.

Coming down Lake Shore Drive, people are used to the beautiful view of Lake Waco, but a few hundred yards from the shore, empty cups litter the roadway.

Casey Stephenson is just one of many people who have chosen to have Lake Waco as the backdrop for their home. She told 25 News that she loves the area and is supposed to be very pretty. Over the years, the accumulation of rubbish on the side of the road is an addition that they have not registered for.

Over the past year, Stephenson has said she has been trying to resolve this issue that is of great concern.

“I’ve emailed people in power in Waco and even TxDOT to see how we can clean this up,” Stephenson said. “I contacted Keep Waco Beautiful, and it appears their hands are tied in certain areas of Waco.”

Kody Petillo, assistant solid waste manager for the city of Waco, said Lake Shore Drive can be dangerous to have volunteer crews cleaning up the area.

“Speeds are higher than on a normal street and the shoulder is very narrow, and getting pedestrians out poses safety concerns,” Petillo said.

Petillo said Waco is doing its best to ban and eliminate illegal landfills, but when it comes to other waste, there is no city-funded program or task force to manage it.

Without a definite solution, Stephenson hopes these problems don’t get worse.

“I really want to see our clean lakes, our clean roads,” Stephenson said. “I don’t want to have to swerve around the trash just to get where I’m going.”


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