Why is Lake Shore Drive closed today? Part of the road along Lake Chicago closed for 16,000 bikers

CHICAGO (WLS) – Part of DuSable Lake Shore Drive was closed Sunday morning as hundreds of bikers took it over.

The fifth third “Bike the Drive” was back in person after going virtual last year.

Sunday was a beautiful morning for a bike ride, and 16,000 people signed up to enjoy it with a 30 mile ride along DuSable Lake Shore Drive.

“The sun is shining, neither too hot nor too cold, it’s perfect. It’s perfect,” said runner Bryan Smith.

The event returned with a few minor changes this year.

“We postponed Memorial Day until this weekend because of COVID,” said Amy Rynell, executive director of the Active Transportation Alliance.

Riders started at 5:30 a.m. and, to help break up some of the congestion, people were able to choose what time to start their journey, with five different starting points available.

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They kept driving until around 10 a.m.

“It’s so much fun, just a great sense of community, people of all ages, abilities here having fun,” said rider Kate Staffen. “I mean, look around you. Everyone is happy ; everyone is excited to go out. “

Some runners even crossed state borders just for this event, including a couple from Michigan.

“I would say watching the sunrise was awesome, just over the skyline, through Lake Michigan – just a great ride,” said runner Todd Milliman.

And once they were done, people could go to a festival at Butler Field in Grant Park.

Everyone was invited to wear a mask.

At the festival, attendees could find freebies, food trucks, a beer garden and a DJ.

That and the chance to have fun with the family on a special Sunday in Chicago.

“They did 10 miles today,” Smith said. “This is my favorite part. Last time we came three years ago they were younger. We went to North Ave. Beach, about 3 miles. This time we did 10. They are super excited about this. ”

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